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Python library under permissive GPL-compatible license optionally using GPL library

Dear fellas who know much more about licensing than me.

I might have even asked before (since we are in a similar situation with
PyMVPA/shogun) but forgot what was the summary:

If we have a library X in Python, released under some GPL-compatible
license (e.g. BSD-3 or Expat) and then using (optionally) some GPL code
(at run time) provided by another library Y -- what are the implications?
Am I wrong on any of the following statements

- the project X codebase doesn't have to be relicensed to GPL
- the project X can use project Y (since under GPL compatible license)

- It is only at 'run time' when actual linking to the library Y happens,
  so project must comply with GPL but whose responsibility it is then
  and what needs to be enforced?

  - original distributor of X must have provided all the sources with
    modifications?  But it was user's decision to use GPL'ed library

  - or user must somehow make sure he has the sources... (sounds

- is mere ability to be used with GPL licensed library Y makes
  distributors of code of X required to comply with GPL? (e.g. provide
  modified sources)

Thanks in advance for your feedback

[1] http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/nipy-devel/2014-December/010707.html
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