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Re: YaBB Public License

On Fri, 07 Nov 2014 17:14:48 +1100 Riley Baird wrote:

> Hi -legal!

Hello Riley!

> There is some forum software called YaBB which is released under the
> "YaBB Public License". It is evidently non-free, but I want to convince
> them to change it.

I hope you are going to persuade them to adopt a well-known and clearly
DFSG-free license (such as the GNU GPL v2, which is apparently the base
from which they derived their non-free "YaBB Public License").

> I've made a list of problems that I've found, but
> before I ask upstream to change the license, can someone please make
> sure that I haven't missed any?

I have just read through the license text and I haven't spotted any
further issues, besides the ones you mentioned, except for one:
the license text is clearly derived (in part) from the GNU GPL v2 text.

Creating a modified version of the GPL is permitted [1] by the FSF, but the
preamble has to be dropped (but it was not!) and the
instructions-for-use have to be modified to not mention GNU (but they
were not modified enough!).
Only the requirement to change the license name seems to be complied with.

[1] https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#ModifyGPL

> Thanks,

You're welcome and good luck with your persuading effort!

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