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Re: jmapviewer: bing logo

On 16/10/14 20:40, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> Hello Ian,
> On 16 October 2014 01:56, Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
>> Another possibility would be to have the program download the logo
>> itself from the Bing website somewhere, along with the Bing map data,
>> when the Bing option is used, but such a thing ought to be in contrib.
> I doubt so. That'd put all web browsers and media players into
> contrib. Bing logo isn't required for JOSM Bing plugin to function
> properly, it's only required as a part of their service usage terms
> and conditions.

Not really. It's possible to use a web browser or a media player only
for free content, and if you don't, you have specifically chosen to do so.

In any case, if we allowed, for example, non-free firmware to be
downloaded at boot, then even though technically we are not distributing
it in main, in practice, we are.

What would the problem with having it in contrib/non-free?

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