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Re: kde-runtime: openssl license exception needed


After some discussion on #debian-devel, there seemed to be consensus that the
LGPL doesn't conflict with the openssl license.

Personally, I think this is not the case (the conflicting point 6 in the GPL
is verbatim copied in LGPL as point 10), but as long as debian-legal is ok
with the consensus I'm ok with it. (I'm ccing the debian-legal ml to receive
some input if this is not ok).

From the bug management side, this bug should either stay closed because the
sftp plugin isn't installed anymore or because it was an invalid request.
Whatever the case, it shouldn't be reopened, so I'm closing this bug now.

Discussing new issues on old bugs tends to get messy, for this case, where it
is not clear what the bug actually is, we would prefer to discuss it through
the debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org ml.

Readding the sftp plugin should be done in #759254 together with the next

Happy hacking,
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