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Re: Question about a "custom" license from dictconfig

Riley Baird wrote:
> My intuition would tell me that other people named Vinay Sajip would not
> be able to use their name in advertising or publicity pertaining to the
> software. However, this same logic would also apply to everything
> written under 3-clause BSD, the only difference being that the names
> that you are not allowed to use are not expressly stated.

With BSD's slightly better wording, I think you could use your own name
even if it was the same as the name of an earlier author, as long as you
made it clear that it was your name and not that other author.

I probably worry too much about this because of my past.  If it's
already in debian, then I'd not worry about this further for now unless
there's a clear consensus.  There are far bigger problems about.

> Also, how does not allowing the usage of a name in advertising make it
> non-DFSG free?

Discrimination against named persons fails DFSG 5 for sure, doesn't it?

It might also fail 1 or 3 because it seems like the reverse of licences
that REQUIRE authors to disclose their names, which I think have been
widely regarded as failing to meet DFSG and even gave rise to the
Dissident Test.

Hope that explains,
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