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Re: Zend Engine License

On 02/08/14 16:30, MJ Ray wrote:
> On 2 August 2014 04:51:30 CEST, Riley Baird <BM-2cVqnDuYbAU5do2DfJTrN7ZbAJ246S4Xix@bitmessage.ch> wrote:
>> Another thought: Doesn't the Zend Engine License also have the same
>> problem as the PHP License in that we are not allowed to use the words
>> "Zend" or "Zend Engine" for modified versions of the Zend Engine?
> What package is that in?
> I notice that Zend framework seems to be under a BSD style licence, without that sort of clause.
It is in the php5 package. Here is the d/copyright file:

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