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Use of Debian Linux as basis of commercially dsitributed appliance box

Please include me in all replies, I have currently not subscribed to debian-legal.

Dear list,

in a request for help posted to the <debian-project> list a couple of weeks ago, I basically asked: 

--- 8< ---
We like Debian and want to use it as the underlying OS for building an appliance box for our customers (one of the keywords seems to be "vertical market").
Do we need to take special care to comply with the Licenses involved in the standard Debian distribution, i.e. Kernel and "main" (as in "not contrib, non-free") packages?"
--- >8 ---

Key takeaway for us was the following (Wouter Verhelst and Steffen Möller provided good advice):
- Avoid non-free packages
- Ensure that users can access the sources of all involved packages (obtained e.g. via "apt-get -d source <packagename>")

Is there anything that you guys from debian-legal would add to that?
Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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(Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before. I did not find anything via the list search at https://lists.debian.org/search.html)

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