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Re: Determining Intention for Licensing

>> I am currently packaging GMastermind, and I have run into a licensing issue.
>> In the package, every source file that has a license header is released
>> under GPL-2, with the "or, at your option, any later version" statement.
>> However, some files don't have license headers, and the README file
>> states "GMastermind is relased under GNU Gneneral Public Licence 2.0
>> (see gpl.txt)".
>> Note the lack of the "any later version" statement. It appears that the
>> intention was clear, and the mistaken notice in the README was accidental.
>> Also, fwiw, "released" and "general" are spelt wrongly and "gpl.txt" no
>> longer exists, having been replaced by COPYING.
>> You can download the source archive here [1]. (Also, I'm looking for a
>> sponsor to upload the package. If you're interested, see here for the
>> sponsorship request [2]).
> I think the first step should be to ask upstream to clarify / fix the
> README.  Have you tried that?  What was their response?

I've asked them, and they say that it was not the intention. Do I need
to get the clarification of all of the copyright holders?

> Though even if some parts are GPLv2-only and some are GPLv2-or-later,
> GPLv2-only is sufficient for debian.

That's good; I was just trying to find out for the d/copyright file, though.

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