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Re: Bug#728716: RFS: xchroot/2.3.2-9 [ITP] -- Hi Debian!

On Tue, Nov 05, 2013 at 05:19:31PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> The GNU GPL is the appropriate license here, please use it instead of
> contributing to license proliferation, as recommended by Debian's
> guide for upstreams:
As someone who has written Free Software for nearly 20 years, I
completely agree with what Paul is saying here.  For your general
requirements, the GPL seems to be the best fit.  Coincidently or perhaps
not, it is also the license most of the software I write uses.

The GPL effectively says, "here is what you can do with my software, but
if you change or distribute it, you have to do the same too".  I know
its tempting to try to tweak licenses but so, so many people get it
wrong.  The problem is that we're usually better programmers than we are
laywers which is something I'm personally very happy about.

License choice is hard; even now (or two years ago) on new projects and
not ones I inherit it takes time. What is even harder than license
choice is license creation. Large companies have tried it and screwed it

There is also the problem with code-sharing which if you use
something that isn't one of the common ones, code sharing starts to
become impossible. Alternatively I know right now any piece of GPL
licensed code from any project I can reuse on my GPL projects. I don't
even need to stop and think about it; it's just there. And the other way 
around, your project has a problem already solved in another GPL
project? You got the code already.

My strong suggestion to you is choose any one of the DFSG-free licenses.
A weaker suggestion is that the GPL will serve most of your goals.
As an author, you are absolutely free to choose any license for code 
you wrote, which is why they are only suggestions.

Doing this will free you from writing less legal blah and more C code 
(or whatever your language preference is). To me that's a win for

 - Craig
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