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Re: Chromium and Google API keys

I've received a response from Paweł Hajdan, Jr., who wants to continue
this discussion here but only recently subscribed to this forum.

Paweł's message is quoted here.

"Paweł Hajdan, Jr." <phajdan.jr@chromium.org> writes:

> Hey guys, I saw the thread on debian-legal and I'm wondering how I can
> help.

> I hope you don't mind writing to all of you and using your e-mail
> addresses - they are already visible on e.g.
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.devel.legal/35236 . I would
> normally reply on debian-legal, but I only subscribed after the last
> post to that thread and I'm worried my reply would mess up threading
> (I'm using gmail, I don't see an easy way to set in-reply-to header).

> Well, there is a way to pass API keys using environment variables. I'd
> be happy to work with you to make changes in Chromium to make it more
> Debian-friendly (e.g. read keys from a file?). Please let me know what
> would work best for you.

> If you want, I think we can even move that discussion public - maybe if
> one of you replied to that thread on debian-legal, I'd receive it in my
> inbox and could reply with proper threading metadata.

> Best regards,
> Paweł Hajdan, Jr.

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