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Re: Re: Chromium and Google API keys

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 12:08 AM, Ignacio Areta wrote:

> It seems those keys "per si" aren't copyrightable, but there is a license to obtain these keys.
> Otherwise, the Debian packagers couldn't obtain these keys.


> Also, the section 2 states:
> "Your End Users You will require your end users to comply with any applicable law and these terms.
> You will not knowingly enable your end users to violate applicable law or these terms."

Debian is free software, there is no way we can comply with this statement.

> If i understood correctly, these "end users" are the Debian users with a web browser with these keys
> installed and they have the obligation too agree with these terms. If not, please let me know who are
> those "end users".

Sounds correct.

> And more, imagine if every site or service requests an API key to be added at the compile-time
> of a browser.  If Google has the rights to do this, why not other companies could do this too?

That would be bad.



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