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Re: redistributability of two software pieces in non-free


Quoting Charles Plessy (2013-09-15 02:38:33)
> Le Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 09:35:30AM +0200, Johannes Schauer a écrit :
> >  *  3) Other interested research groups will be redirected
> >  *     to the author. The user will not redistribute the code outside
> >  *     his immediate research group.
> I think that this clause forbids the redistribution by Debian.

I contacted upstream and they agree to change the license to a permissive
license like BSD or MIT/Expat. \o/

One question which I want to forward from upstream to debian-legal as we are
all no native english speakers:

The expat license states:

Permission is hereby granted, [...], to deal in the Software without
restriction [...]

What does "to deal in the Software" mean in this context? Does it mean "to

cheers, josch

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