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Re: Trademark policy for ITP Percona XtraBackup

Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> writes:
> * Stewart Smith:
>>> Third, you may use the appropriate Percona mark to refer to a
>>> distribution of GPL-released Percona software that has been modified
>>> with minor changes for the sole purpose of allowing the software to
>>> operate on an operating system or hardware platform for which Percona
>>> has not yet released the software, provided that those third party
>>> changes do not affect the behavior, functionality, features, design or
>>> performance of the software. Users who acquire this Percona-branded
>>> software receive substantially exact implementations of the Percona
>>> software.
> That is worded in such a way that it precludes backporting of security
> patches.
> Usually, if we spot such clauses before including the software the
> archive, we just rename it to avoid the use of the trademark and
> mention something along "based on Percona XtraBackup" in the package
> description.  Obviously, this would work in your case as well, but you
> should ask yourself if that's really the result you want.

Since I'm now back from vacation, I'll now be organising time with our
legal time to change this wording into something that's
acceptable. While I don't have an exact ETA, I'll keep you (and the
list) informed and I guess the new few weeks should see a resolution.

Stewart Smith

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