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Re: May I upload FreeCAD into wheezy-backports?

On Sun, 19 May 2013 11:04:54 +0200 Anton Gladky wrote:

> May I upload the current FreeCAD version into backports, linked against
> the old Coin3D version?

I am under the impression that the same reasoning that led to the
decision to remove freecad from wheezy would apply to wheezy-backport
as well.
Or am I missing something?

> FreeCAD is a popular package and Wheezy's users really need that. I have
> got some private mails from them with the question, why FreeCAD is not
> in Wheezy and whether is it possible to bring it there.

That's really unfortunate: it's the exact scenario that I feared it
would materialize.
That's why I have been struggling since April 2009 in
order to persuade OpenCASCADE S.A.S. to re-license the OpenCASCADE
Technology framework under GPL-compatible terms...
No public news from them on this front yet, sadly.  :-(

Please recall that this would be the ideal solution: so I renew my call
for help on this front.
This is what I have repeated like a broken record for ages: please get
in touch with OpenCASCADE S.A.S. and persuade them to re-license the
OpenCASCADE Technology framework under GPL-compatible terms!

On the other hand, getting rid of all the GPL-licensed parts and
dependencies of FreeCAD is a sub-optimal solution (although it's still
a solution for FreeCAD...). The re-licensing of Coin3D under a BSD
license is a step towards the sub-optimal solution (the other step is
getting rid of any remaining GPL-licensed code included in FreeCAD

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