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Advice regarding deleted images on Commons (tarot deck)


Thomas Preud'homme (CC'ed) and myself are currently packaging Salut à Toi, an 
XMPP-based communication system (see ITP #703659), and part of it is media 
files, including a French tarot deck. This deck is of a classical design that 
corresponds to the Piatnik deck originally published by Piatnik & Söhne [P&S].

The upstream author of Salut à Toi, Jérôme Poisson (CC'ed), picked the files 
on Wikimedia Commons, but they have since been deleted for copyright reasons 
[DEL]. Since the arguments were not very clear and Jérôme was convinced the 
design was old enough to fall into the public domain, he asked for an 
undeletion request [UNDEL] with some new arguments, but it was refused. 
Subsequently, the remaining cards of the same design, such as [TN], have been 
marked for deletion on Commons.

My questions are:
1. Can we introduce these file in Debian despite the decision made on Commons?
2. Do you have any advice for us to be sure that these images are in the 
public domain, or that they're not?

Thanks in advance for your help,


P.S.: Please CC Jérôme, Thomas and me if you answer to this email, as we are 
not subscribed to the list.

[P&S] Piatnik & Söhne on Wikipedia:

[DEL] Deletion request on Commons:

[UNDEL] Undeletion request on Commons:
This discussion will probably be moved soon, so please try this link if the 
above doesn't work:

[TN] Examples of files marked for deletion:

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