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Re: Debian 6.0.2 - Encryption Algorithms and key bit lengths

"Rishoff, Justin" <Justin.Rishoff@netapp.com> writes:
> Debian is part of our product development and for import reporting requirements we will need the Encryption Algorithms and key bit lengths that are employed.
> e.g. 56 bit DES
> Can you provide this for me?

The "openssl help" command alone lists quite a lot of algorithms:

aes-128-cbc    aes-128-ecb    aes-192-cbc    aes-192-ecb    aes-256-cbc    
aes-256-ecb    base64         bf             bf-cbc         bf-cfb         
bf-ecb         bf-ofb         cast           cast-cbc       cast5-cbc      
cast5-cfb      cast5-ecb      cast5-ofb      des            des-cbc        
des-cfb        des-ecb        des-ede        des-ede-cbc    des-ede-cfb    
des-ede-ofb    des-ede3       des-ede3-cbc   des-ede3-cfb   des-ede3-ofb   
des-ofb        des3           desx           rc2            rc2-40-cbc     
rc2-64-cbc     rc2-cbc        rc2-cfb        rc2-ecb        rc2-ofb        
rc4            rc4-40 

However, surely you can't trust volunteers to fill your paperwork for
you? You need to hire people with technical skills and legal background.

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