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Re: Are all files produced by GPL Ghostscript copyrighted by 'Artifex Software, Inc.'?

On 22/12/12 12:33, Vaibhav Niku wrote:
> One solution to the problem is to get the source code, delete the
> lines which insert the copyright notice (“modify the code”), compile
> the code, and use this. This is legal as the code is released under
> GPL and GPL allows modifications. (You could release your
> modifications too. This is how Debian makes ‘Iceweasel’ out of
> ‘Firefox’ -- just so that Debian users don't have to sign a EULA with
> Mozilla.)

Can I just correct a misunderstanding here: Firefox does not have a
EULA, and there is no need to sign anything to use it. The builds you
can download from www.mozilla.org are fully free software under the MPL 2.

[It is true that we retain trademark control over use of the Firefox
logo, which is probably why Iceweasel still exists - although, not being
involved in that project, I couldn't say for definite.]


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