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Re: FWD: on the variability of BSD and MIT licenses

On Fri, 28 Dec 2012 07:56:34 +0900 Charles Plessy wrote:

> Dear all,
> there is an interesting email on the SPDX mailing list, distributing an article
> about the BSD and MIT license families.  Here is a link to the page with the
> attached file.
> http://lists.spdx.org/pipermail/spdx/2012-December/000785.html

Hello Charles,
I've just finished reading the article.
Fairly interesting, indeed; thanks for pointing it out!

I am disappointed that an article about Free Software licenses is being
circulated without any license and is, thus, effectively "All Rights
I would encourage its copyright holder(s) to license it in a DFSG-free
manner under free and GPL-compatible terms...

Moreover, I am also disappointed by the fact that Ninka (the license
recognition tool that was used for the study [1][2]) is licensed under
the terms of the GNU AfferoGPL v3 (which I consider a non-free licensing

[1] http://ninka.turingmachine.org/
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/631415

> Have a nice day,

The same to you!

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