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Re: Open data french license

On Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:41:46 +0100 (CET) x.guimard@free.fr wrote:

> > De: "x guimard" <x.guimard@free.fr>
> > Hi all,


> > 
> > French open datas are published under LO-OL (Licence ouverte - open
> > license) which is compatible with :
> > * UK "Open Government License"
> > * "Creative Commons Attribution 2.0" (which seems to have problems
> > with DFSG)
> > * "Open Data Commons Attribution" of Open Knowledge

I am disappointed to see that the European license proliferation
festival is going on stronger and stronger...   :-(
Too bad!

> > 
> > The complete text can be found here :
> > * Original text :
> > http://www.data.gouv.fr/Licence-Ouverte-Open-Licence
> > * English translation :
> > http://ddata.over-blog.com/xxxyyy/4/37/99/26/licence/Licence-Ouverte-Open-Licence-ENG.pdf

Unfortunately I do not speak enough French to understand French

Is the English translation an official and authoritative version or
just a convenience non-authoritative text to help those who do not read

> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Xavier
> Sorry, the end is missing : is this license compatible with DFSG ?

For future reference on the mailing list archive, what follows is the
English translation, obtained from the PDF file with pdftotext and some
semi-manual reformatting inside VIM.

My comments will be sent to the list, as soon as I find the time to
actually read this text...



You may re-use the « Information » made available by the « Producer »
under the freedoms and the conditions specified by this licence.

Re-use of Information under this licence

The « Producer » grants the « Re-user » a worldwide, perpetual, free
of charge, non-exclusive, personal right to use the « Information »
subject to this licence under the freedoms and the conditions set out

You are free to re-use the « Information » :

 • To reproduce, copy, publish and transmit the « Information » ;
 • To disseminate and redistribute the « Information » ;
 • To adapt, modify, transform and extract from the « Information »,
   for instance to build upon it in order to create « Derivative
   information » ;
 • To exploit the « Information » commercially, for example, by
   combining it with other « Information », or by including it in
   your own product or application.

You must, where you do any of the above :

 • Attribute the « Information » by acknowledging its source
   (at least the name of the « Producer ») and the date on which
   it was last updated.

   The « Re-user » may fulfil this condition by providing one or
   more hypertext links (URL) referring to the « Information »
   and effectively acknowledging its source.

   This attribution shall not suggest any official status or
   endorsement, by the « Producer » or any other public entity, of
   the « Re-user » or the re-use of the « Information ».


The « Information » is made available as produced or received by the
« Producer », without any other express or tacit guarantee not
specified in this licence.

The « Producer » guarantees that it makes the « Information »
available free of charge, under the freedoms and the conditions
defined by this licence. It cannot guarantee that the « Information »
does not contain any error or irregularity. It does not guarantee the
continued supply of the « Information ». It shall not be liable for
any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused to third parties
resulting from its re-use.

The « Re-user » is solely responsible for its re-use of the «
Information ». The re-use shall not mislead third parties or
misrepresent the content of the « Information », its source and its
time of last update.

Intellectual property rights

The « Producer » guarantees that the « Information » is not subject
to any « Intellectual property rights » belonging to third parties.

« Intellectual property rights » that might be held by
the « Producer » over documents containing the « Information » do not
impede the free re-use of the « Information ». Where the « Producer »
holds « Intellectual property rights  » over documents which contain
the « Information », it assigns them, on a non-exclusive basis, free
of charge, worldwide and for the entire term of the « Intellectual
property rights  », to the « Re-user », who may make use thereof in
accordance with the freedoms and conditions defined in this licence.

Compatibility of the licence

To facilitate the re-use of the « Information », this licence has
been designed to be compatible with any licence which requires at
least the attribution of the « Information ». For instance, it is
compatible with the « Open Government Licence » (OGL) of the United
Kingdom, the « Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 » (CC-BY 2.0) licence
of Creative Commons and the « Open Data Commons Attribution »
(ODC-BY) licence of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Applicable law

This licence is governed by French law.


Intellectual property rights*

« Intellectual property rights » means any rights identified as such
by the French Intellectual Property Code (copyright, related rights,
and sui generis rights over databases).


« Information » means data or information proposed for re-use with
the freedoms and under the conditions of this licence.


« Producer » means the entity which produces the « Information » and
opens it to re-use under the freedoms and the conditions of this


« Re-user » means any natural or legal person who re-uses the «
Information » in accordance with the freedoms and the conditions of
this licence.

Derivative information*

« Derivative information » means new data or information which has
been created either directly from the « Information », or using a
combination of the « Information » and other data or information not
subject to this licence.

About the Open Licence

Etalab is the task force under the French Prime Minister’s authority
leading Open Government Data policy for France. Etalab introduces the
Open Licence to facilitate and encourage easy reuse of public sector
information – as defined by French Law – free of charge and as
broadly as possible,

  Within the scope of their public service missions, public sector
  bodies produce and receive public sector information, which may be
  re-used by any natural or legal person.

  Under the terms of French Law, are not considered public sector
  information : information the communication of which is not a right
  under information access legislation ; information contained in
  documents produced or received by public sector bodies exercising a
  public service of industrial or commercial character ; and
  information contained in documents over which third parties hold
  intellectual property rights,

  Information which contains personal data is not considered to be
  public sector information re-usable under the terms of French Law –
  except where persons on which data is collected have agreed to its
  reuse, where this data has been rendered anonymous by the public
  sector bodies, or where a legal or statutory provision permits its
  re-use (in these three cases, re-use is subject to compliance with
  French privacy protection legislation).

This licence is version 1.0 of the Open Licence. Etalab may, from
time to time, offer new versions of the Open Licence. However,
re-users may continue to re-use information available under this
licence if they wish to do so.



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