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Re: Ethics/morals issue

On Sun, 25 Nov 2012, Gary Wilson wrote:
> Good day - We have a son taking Computer Science at Ryerson
> University in Toronto Canada. He is very religious and is concerned
> that using your software without reading, in detail all of your
> license agreements including the entire list for both free and
> non-free suppliers. This is jeopardizing his study. Can you help by
> clarifying your requirements/understanding of who needs to read
> what.

In general, everything which is in the archive, but not in non-free
follows the DFSG. If you have concerns which are not addressed by the
DFSG, or you plan on using non-free, we include the licenses of the
software in the copyright file included in each package.

That said, we cannot provide any sort of warranty that the software in
Debian main actually meets the DFSG or is suitable for whatever
concerns that you have.

Finally, I should note that the software we distribute is in general
far more liberally licensed than the vast majority of proprietary

Don Armstrong

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of oneself not being there."
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