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Re: "flattr this" images

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 12:19 AM, chrysn wrote:

> same applies to the flattr logo according to [1], and the button in
> question[2] doesn't contain more colored shapes then the logo itself.
> so is this really an issue? i'm afraid there isn't a threshold like "if
> you can compress it down to that many bytes, it's not copyrightable" --
> is there a way to determine whether we have to care, or is it policy to
> err at the side of caution and not include such files at all?

Copyright law doesn't deal with bytes, but with originality. I don't
think there is any way to know which side of the copyrightable line
they are on without consulting lawyers or getting a decision in court.

> i think i'll go for the text solution for the time being, but if the
> images are really not copyrightable, including them would enhance
> recognizability of flattr links and spare us potential discussions with
> upstream.

The images are also trademarks with terms that prevent folks from
doing some things with them, so some part of the DFSG may be violated
by that. Not sure about that though and then there is DFSG item 4.




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