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Re: Bug#686580: netdiag: Strobe license is incorrectly stated as GPL

>>>>> Matthaeus Wander <mwander@swznet.de> writes:

 > Package: netdiag
 > Version: 1.0-13
 > Severity: minor

	AIUI, the Strobe license (as quoted below) fails to meet DFSG 1.
	Therefore, my guess is that the severity of this bug has to be
	raised to ‘grave’.  (Which I'll do unless there be objections.)


 > In doc/netdiag/copyright the license of strobe is stated as GPL and
 > claimed to be taken from strobe-1.06.tar.gz.  The upstream archive
 > does not mention GPL, instead the manpage and the COPYRIGHT file say:

 > --copy--
 > Copyright (c) Julian Assange 1995-1999, All rights reserved.

 > This software has only three copyright restrictions. Firstly, this
 > copyright notice must remain intact and unmodified. Secondly, the
 > Author, Julian Assange, must be appropriately and prominantly
 > credited in any documentation associated with any derived work.
 > Thirdly unless otherwise negotiated with the author, you may not
 > sell this program commercially, reasonable distribution costs
 > excepted.

 > Use and or distribution of this software implies acceptance of the
 > above.
 > --paste--


FSF associate member #7257

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