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Re: Bug#689095: Forces user to agree to terms of usage before running


In the version of the transmission bittorrent client in wheezy there is
a disclaimer popup displayed on the first run, basically telling the
user "your responsibility", but with an "agree" button which may make it
look more like an additional license.

My questions:

1) does this qualify as breaking point 7 of the DFSG? (or, in fact, any
other point I may have overlooked). If yes, would renaming the button to
something like "I understand" improve the situation?

2) upstream probably does this to try and shift liability. Obviously
IANAL, but does this even make sense? Do we have any precedence to
convince upstream to drop this annoyance on the grounds that it's
useless? (and here I'm hoping it *is* useless)

3) this may be a question for -devel, but do we have a public stand on
click-through disclaimers or even EULAs? Somewhere we could point
upstream for the pros/cons/consequences of such things?


Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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