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"Minimized" JavaScript in upstream tarball


I'm trying to package a "web" application that contains some
minimized third-party JavaScript code. It's from JQuery world.

Anyway I'm going to package "git" snapshot because latest release needs
to old versions of dependencies (like django < 1.4). 

So I've a target in debian/rules to get tarball with source snapshot. It
removes all such JavaScript. Later debian/links creates symlinks to files
from corresponding libjs-* packages.

I've faced an issue where one of JS files is "obfuscated" such way, but
it's not so populate so it's not in debian now:


Upstream distributes in both "source" and "minimized" forms:


How this particular file should be handled? The only idea I've is to
remove this file in my get-git-snapshot-source step and download "right"
one instead.

WBR, Dmitry

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