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Re: ECCN Classification of Debian GNU/Linux

"Devincenzi, Ronald P" <ronald.p.devincenzi@jpmchase.com> writes:

> I ran across the thread related to the question of ECCN and have a few
> questions:

I think you mean “Export Control Classification Number”
<URL:http://www.bis.doc.gov/licensing/exportingbasics.htm>, a USA
Department Of Commerce term.

> *         Is the Debian OS that is freely downloadable source or
> object code

Debian is downloadable in both object (executable) form and source form.
The whole of Debian is free software.

> *         Based on the information you provided

I don't know what this refers to. Who is “you”, and what information was
provided, to whom?

> I presume the Debian OS contains some embedded encryption
> functionality. Is this correct? If so, does this functionality come
> standard as part of the free download?

Yes, there are many implementations of encryption functionality in
Debian, and they are installed like any other package from the same
repositories as the rest of the operating system.

For more information on Debian and US export control, you may be
interested in the page at <URL:https://wiki.debian.org/USExportControl>.
Note that, like that wiki page, this forum does not constitute official
legal advice.

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