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Re: GPG key issue

Thank you very much Steve,
I think that I follow your advices, in any case I've posted the question
on debian-devel too.


Il Lun, 9 Gennaio 2012 8:16, Steve Langasek ha scritto:
> Hi Francesco,
> On Mon, Jan 09, 2012 at 07:39:36AM -0000, Francesco Namuri wrote:
>> I hope this is the right place to ask for a advice.
>> I have become DD in last days, in all my NM process, and in all my
>> debian
>> work I used only my first and last name, my doubt is related to my
>> second
>> name. I use it only on official/buroccratic documents.
>> Now I've created a new 4096 GPG key, I've specified also my second name
>> (I
>> tought that is more correct), my doubt regards this. Maybe it's a
>> problem
>> asking for a replacement of my old key? It's better if I recreate a key
>> without my second name?
>> thanks very much for any advice.
> debian-legal is not really the right list for this question; debian-legal
> is
> for discussions of licensing of packages in the archive.  I would suggest
> debian-devel as a more appropriate venue for this.
> If your intent is to get people who have signed your old key to sign your
> new key based on a GPG transition statement, I would recommend that you
> include at least one UID on your new key that has the same name as on your
> old key.  But you can add multiple UIDs to the key with different full
> names, so you can easily have one UID that matches your old key and one
> with
> your full name.
> From the standpoint of the Debian keyring, I believe that as long as the
> keyring maintainers can clearly map the UIDs on the old key to the new
> one,
> there should be no problem with the update.  For getting signatures on
> your
> new key, that's going to be up to the individual signers to confirm that
> the
> name on the UID matches the name they know for you.
> Hope that helps,
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