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Re: Nuitka - GPLv3 plus contribution copyright assignment

Kay Hayen <kayhayen@gmx.de>
> // This code is in part copyright Kay Hayen, license GPLv3. This has the 
> consequence that
> // your must either obtain a commercial license or also publish your 
> original source code
> // under the same license unless you don't distribute this source or its 
> binary.

I do not agree that the above is an accurate description of the
GPLv3's consequences.  Maybe "commercial" is being used when
"proprietary" is meant.  As written, it looks like an additional
restriction that can be completely ignored, as described in GPLv3
section 7.

> #     If you submit Kay Hayen patches to this software in either form, you
> #     automatically grant him a copyright assignment to the code, or in the
> #     alternative a BSD license to the code, should your jurisdiction 
> prevent
> #     this. [...]

I suspect this would be overridden by any statement included with the
patch submission, like the ASF wording acknowledges.

> I don't want to discuss my intent. I am not interested to discuss if my 
> approach is too paranoid and need not be, that may be true, but I don't 
> want to take the risk. This the work of most of my spare time for a long 
> time now.

I won't discuss this, but I will note that your intent looks a little
unfair, demanding that others grant you more permissions than you
grant them.  Of course, that is your right while you are maintaining
the project, but it may limit contributions.

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