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exFAT fuse driver and the patent situation


(if unsure please CC me on replies, I'm not subscribed to -legal)

due to demand by a coworker I've taken #625611 and started to prepare
a package for the exFAT fuse driver and the utils package.

Currently I hesitate to upload it and place the package on Debian
infrastructure (as in moving it to collab-maint) due to the very
unclear patent situation.
Microsoft seems to actively sell lincenses to commercial enties
using exFAT in their products, so from my point of view it currently
looks a bit problematic to ship exFAT in Debian.
On the other hand we ship a FAT driver in the Kernel and Microsoft
is actively collecting royalties from TomTom and others aswell.

If someone has some more insides of this matter it would be nice
to hear about them before I pester our ftp-master with a final

Beside that we seem to have no consistent naming scheme for all
those fuse mount helpers which we might want to takle one day.


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