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Unsure If Array 30 Chinese Input Method is DFSG Free or Not.

Hi all,

I want to confirm if the license below is DFSG free or not:

The most suspicious part is:
When any derived and related work of Array Input Method is released to
public, the licensee must inform the original author of Array Input
Method within one month by sending an e-mail to:
array30@ms10.hinet.net with the subject: "Informing: Array Input

There was a chat in #debian-mentors which claims it has discrimination
on users who don't use email. I've found it may not pass dissident
test (the user must send an email to the original author, thus
dissident may expose its email). However, I am wondering if the
"desert island" test is not a *public* environment. IMHO, it is not
necessary to inform the author in that environment in that extreme

IANAL. IANADD. I hope this package could be kept in main.

Thank you,
Yao Wei

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