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Re: a Free Platform License?

On Wednesday 30 Nov 2011, Clark C. Evans wrote:
> This is reasonable.  It'd take quite a bit of time and energy
> to forge a new license, and I realize everyone's volunteer time
> is precious.  This list just seemed to be the most appropriate
> forum for discussing a free software license designed to remove
> an asymmetric advantage that free software developers have with
> regard to platform dependence.  I'd like to thank everyone who
> commented & shared their thoughts and concerns.

If you're keen on following up this project you can take it to the OSI 
licence-discuss list: license-discuss@opensource.org .  That list is 
meant specifically for discussing FOSS (or, since it's OSI, Open Source) 
licences.  Don't expect a very different reaction re proliferation from 
the folks there, though :)


-- Raj
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