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Re: Bug#639916: spread: license wackiness

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011, Francesco Poli wrote:
"3. All advertising materials (including web pages) mentioning
 features or use of this software, or software that uses this software,
 must display the following acknowledgment: "This product uses software
 developed by Spread Concepts LLC for use in the Spread toolkit. For
 more information about Spread see http://www.spread.org"";
What you quoted looks like an Obnoxious Advertising Clause (OAC), a
GPL-incompatible restriction, but one that has traditionally been
accepted by the Debian Project as compliant with the DFSG (even though
recommended against), AFAICT.

Unlike the original BSD 4 clause license this adds "or software that uses
this software".

If I interpret this broadly (all software that uses this software must
display the sentence) it's non-free, since it imposes conditions on
non-derived software that happens to use it.  Even if I interpret it
narrowly (all advertising materials mentioning software that uses this
software, must display the sentence) it imposes conditions on advertising
for non-derived software.

If I interpret the addition as meaning "derived works" the license is free
but the wording is redundant.

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