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Friking Shark videogame legal issues


I am studying to package Friking Shark, a remake of a retro videogame
called Flying Shark[1]. In legal terms, source code is not a problem
because is licensed under GLPv3. However, I do not know how I should
consider the sound effects. "License.txt" talks about this:

"Sounds effects are modified versions of sounds purchased at
www.sound-effects-library.com. You can use these sounds for playing
Friking Shark but if you plan to package and distribute the game you
must replace them or contact www.sound-effects-library.com for explicit

IMHO, this is not DFSG compatible. However, this note was written by
Friking Shark upstream author because he didn't know what kind of
license should be set. In fact, he sent me some emails where sound
effects author said that "there is not need to include license".

Obviously, sound-effects-library.com has a Terms of Use[2] where it is
indicated that sound may be modified, but:

"The audio samples shall remain the property of Sound Effects Library
Limited or its Library partners and are licensed, not sold to you for
use on your audio equipment."

Also, clause 6 of these terms talks about sounds effects in video games.
I am not sure what is the best solution to sound effects issues in
Friking Shark. Thanks in advance for your help.

[1] http://code.google.com/p/friking-shark/
[2] http://www.sound-effects-library.com/terms.asp

Cleto Martín Angelina

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