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MPL 2 RC1 released

Hi, all-

I'm happy to announce the release of MPL 2 Release Candidate 1 - the
text that we hope will become MPL 2.0 and serve the open source
community well for the next decade (or three). The plain text of the
license is here:

http://mpl.mozilla.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/MPL-RC1.txt (other
formats available through http://mpl.mozilla.org/participate/rc )


We received excellent and useful feedback on Beta 2, which led us to
make a lot of smaller changes (definition cleanups, readability
changes, etc.) and one larger change - a reorganization of the
language on compatibility, merging the bulk of it with the "Larger
Works" language. This should not change the meaning from Beta 2, but
the language is very different, and hopefully more clear and
understandable. You can see the changes in this pdf:



Along with the RC, we have also posted two draft FAQs that we would
also love feedback on.

The first FAQ is the license FAQ:

The second FAQ is about the process that created MPL 2, and the
changes that occurred between 1.1 and 2.0:

We welcome comments on those as well - either comments on the answers,
or suggestions for further questions.


As is usual with release candidates, we would like to use this text as
the final release with no changes, but we need this group (and anyone
else you know who may be interested) to review the license and make
sure it is up to snuff.

To comment, the same channels used in previous releases are available:
commenting tool (linked to from the primary participation page,
below); this mailing list, or direct contact with me, Gerv, or Harvey.

A link suitable for tweeting, emailing, etc., that has all the links
above (and more!) is here:



We have not set a firm deadline for feedback and the final release,
but we hope it will be in the next few weeks. Please keep that in mind
while reviewing.


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