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Re: Mail Notification: OpenSSL+GPL on Debian

2011/6/24 Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>:
> However, in reading the bug log my understanding is the upstream author's
> position is that the GPL does not require dynamically-linked libraries to be
> distributed under the same license terms.  I don't believe this is an
> accurate interpretation of the GPL as written, but if Jean-Yves is the sole
> copyright holder of the work, then this is a clarification of the intended
> license, which I believe is sufficient for Debian's purposes.  If there are
> other copyright holders, we would need to get similar clarification of
> intent, or an OpenSSL linking exception, from each of them.

That's great news. Thanks. :)

Pascal, as the package maintainer, would you be able to rebuild
mail-notification with TLS enabled? Hopefully it can also be included
in the next minor release of Squeeze.


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