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Font license


  I am considering to package a font, its license is as follows:

"By installing this Font You accept all the terms and conditions of this 
 Copyright (c) 2010 by King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex 
 (KFGQPC), AlMadinah AlMunawarrah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All Rights 
 Reserved. KFGQPC retains full title and ownership of this Typeface both 
 as artwork and font software. This Agreement does not grant you any 
 intellectual property rights in the Font.
 Permission is hereby granted, Free of Cost, to any person obtaining a 
 copy of this Font accompanying this license, the rights to Use, Copy, 
 Distribute, subject to the following conditions:
 1.    The Font Software cannot be Sold, Modified, Altered, Translated, 
 Reverse Engineered, Decompiled, Disassembled, Reproduced or Attempted to 
 discover the Source Code of this Font in no means.
 2.    The Font Software is provided "AS IS", and KFGQPC makes no 
 warranties as to its use or performance, fitness for a particular 
 purpose. KFGQPC does not and cannot warrant the performance or results 
 you may obtain by using the Font. In no event shall KFGQPC be liable for 
 any Claims, Damages or other Liability, including any Damages, arising 
 from, out of the use or inability to use the Font or from other dealings 
 in the Font."

Is that acceptable in Debian non-free ?

Please CC me in replies, since I am not subscribed to the list.

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