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node.js has a trademark now

nodejs is packaged in debian [0], along with libnode-* modules [1]
Today the company owning nodejs announced a new trademark policy [2].

I understand that :
* the logo is not a problem, i just have to remove it from the source
  package (it is not in the binary package)
* the TM symbol must be added in places where Node.js, nodejs, node are
  written. Can they really trademark the "node" name ?!?
* all node modules must have the following sentence in their copyright :
    "Node.js is an official trademark of Joyent.
    This module is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent
    Node.js open source or commercial project."

Is that right ? are there more changes to do to stay DFSG ?

Jérémy Lal


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