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Re: Lawyer request stop from downloading Debian

OoO En  cette nuit nuageuse du  dimanche 24 avril 2011,  vers 00:07, Ken
Arromdee <arromdee@rahul.net> disait :

>> The lawyer wants the poster to pay 700 Euro and stop uploading of Debian.
>> -------------------------
>> My opion is that this behavior is not good for Debian's reputation
>> and the project should take legal action against the lawyer and this
>> company.

> It's my understanding that in Germany lawyers can do this to copyright
> violators even though they are not the copyright holder.  And it's very likely
> he's a copyright violator, so there's not much Debian can do.  No, really.

> The GPL V2 requires that if you distribute, you either
> a) accompany a binary with the source code
> b) accompany it with a written offer to give everyone a copy of the source
> code for three years, or
> c) accompany it with an offer to distribute source code, if it's noncommercial
> distribution and you received the program inder b).

> It's very unlikely that b or c applies, and most people who torrent Linux
> don't put a copy of the source code in the torrent, so a is unlikely.  The
> problem is that on Bittorrent, everyone who downloads also uploads.  This
> makes it illegal to download just a binary, since if you do that you're also
> uploading just a binary, and uploading just a binary is a form of distribution
> the GPL doesn't allow.

In  the case of  Debian distribution,  the source  code is  available at
http://www.debian.org which  fullfils section a)  since it is  a "medium
customarily used for software interchange".
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