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Re: unsourced pdf in tarball; src available from ftp site;


Am 29.03.2011 01:25, schrieb Paul Wise:
> .doc files are usually binary so you won't be able to include it as a
> patch. Instead I think you can use dpkg-source v3 and include a second
> orig.tar.gz named orig-docsrc.tar.gz (check the dpkg-source manual
> page for info on that). You can then use the upstream pristine
> tarball.
> The course of action you mentioned is perfect otherwise.

Sorry for being a legal nitpick, but it's only perfect, if you can be
100% sure, that the .doc is really the source.  If there's a doubt (e.g.
the pdf created with OOo looks different) it can be rejected.

Also one should point out how the source is shipped in the copyright
file, or the ftp-team might reject the package, as it could find the
source in the orig tarball.

Best regards,

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