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Requirements of the Debian Open Use Logo License



I've been pointed to this list on the IRC channel.

I have a question about public display of the swirl (with no "debian") in ads, logos etc where it is theoretically possible to put attribution or even the license text. In case it is off topic here, it would be great if someone can point me to a meaningful past discussion or a discussion elsewhere of similar situation with any license. Thanks.

Recently, some photos have appeared, said to be of logo of a confectionary company in Omsk, Russia. The logo contains a swirl which looks similar to the Debian's one, if a little distorted (I am asking this question even if this particular logo actually was created independently).


Here is its entry in (probably a mirror of) the trademark registry: <http://tm.patent.su/400000-400999/tm/servl/servlete1dc.html>

(the official trademark registry UI appears to be at <http://www1.fips.ru/wps/portal/Registers/>)

Comparison: http://content.foto.mail.ru/list/tansi/other/s-3957.jpg

A billboard: http://foto.mail.ru/list/tansi/other/3955.html

Cookies: http://content.foto.mail.ru/list/tansi/other/s-3959.jpg

The license says:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Question: if that swirl is based on the Debian logo, does the company have to add such notices somewhere near/in the images (including the billboard and the cookie pack)?


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