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Re: ftp.debian.org: RM: imapsync -- RoM; author doesn't want us to distribute his program


The author explicitly said that he is trying a new business model and it
is clear that our distribution makes that harder.

Or maybe but I don't care. I just want to spend more time on imapsync
and be paid for it, I tried the one million lottery but got
the wrong ticket. I tried several things like ads or donation calls
but they didn't work well. The current way works enough for me,

But I do not want to be part of it and I sincerely hope that other
Debian Developers feel the same way and honor Gilles work enough to not
intentionally try to kill his business.

No problem. In fact I realize that my complain about old imapsync
release in Debian should be considered as a good point for
my business.

So please accept my explanation and please understand, that I do not
abandon the package because of the license problems, but because of the
request of the upstream author.

I understood that you abandoned because you want to work freely only on free
speech and free beer softwares. I do understand this argument.

As far as I can see, the author of this software has even said in a
message in this bug report that "You can even make [this software] a GPL
software"[1], which I understand him to mean that the intent of the new
license is to be GPL-compatible!

You are reading very selectively.

Jeff is reading right.


Please observe, the short "No." it contains everything.

It contains too much. I repeat with precision "No. Do what you want".
I promise I won't complain anymore about the fact imapsync is on Debian or not.

Au revoir,                             09 51 84 42 42
Gilles Lamiral. France, Baulon (35580) 06 20 79 76 06

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