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Re: debian.* domains

inkvizitor68sl asked:
> Is it possible to use debian.* domains for websites with documentation
> about Debian (and sometimes - for Ubuntu and some other distros, as
> much of manuals can be used at any distro) ? I mean here some blogs.
> Personal, for this moment, but there will be new authors in nearly
> time.

Thanks, but please don't do that.  If you wish to register a debian.*
domain and donate it to the project, please contact
hostmaster@debian.org to arrange it.

> Is it possible to use domain like forum.debian.* to place here debian
> localized forum?

Wouldn't you prefer to put your forum in debian.net instead?

> Not commercial use, maybe some ads (near to FOSS) only to pay for
> hosting or ads from hoster, who will support us.

Sorry, ads are commercial use.  The current trademark policy
http://www.fr.debian.org/trademark says we insist you don't use 
debian in the domain name of a business.

Hope that helps,
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