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On Mon, 20 Dec 2010, Chris Harshman wrote:
>  On 12/20/2010 1:26 AM, Rudolf Polzer wrote:
> >First of all, this is off-topic on this list, as we talk mainly about DFSG
> >compliance, and about legal issues with packages in Debian.
> Out of curiosity, *is* there a recommended list for programmers with
> open source licensing questions?

Not really. If you have a question about programs using GNU licenses,
the FSF can try to help answer them: licensing@fsf.org.

Otherwise, if it involves Debian (which seems to have most of the
common licenses), you can ask here.

I think in this case, the FSF could probably help; I personally
haven't read the MS-PL, and have no idea what it's about.

Don Armstrong

I learned really early the difference between knowing the name of
something and knowing something
 -- Richard Feynman "What is Science" Phys. Teach. 7(6) 1969

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