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Re: Packaging the MeeGo stack on Debian - Use the name ?

quim.gil@nokia.com wrote:
> Julian wrote:
> >      * Package names contain meego everywhere. According to common
> >        believe, they are not subject to trademark restrictions (that's
> >        why we had a firefox compatibility package for
> >        firefox->iceweasel transition). They are merely an
> >        implementation detail, that MeeGo set in stone, and we cannot
> >        change it without breaking compatibility
> As said, as long as you respect the license of the package you are
> free to reuse, redistribute, etc, keeping the original name of the
> package.

Assuming you mean "copyright license of the package" and not the
trademark licensing under discussion, then I think that would be fine.
Could http://meego.com/trademark be updated to remove the "includes
project packages" wording, please?

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