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Re: Inappropriate use of Debian logo.

The message from 2005 seems to indicate it was produced using Illustrator, not Photoshop.

Attached is an image I just created using Illustrator 14.0.0, my goal was to recreate the Debian logo.  I used the 'rough charcoal' brush with the swirl tool.  I didn't create the original Debian logo but it is clear to me that the same technique was used by whoever created Debian's swirl logo.   As you can see, my swirl shares all the attributes of the Debian logo, but is not identical: mine has small three dabs at the end of the swirl in the center and the two dabs on the left of the swirl on the outside.  Mine is not identical because the swirl path in the Debian logo is not the default, mine had to be tweaked slightly to get as close as it is.

There is no question in my mind that the blue logo under debate is a copy of the Debian logo, followed by a color change.  There are too many degrees of freedom (beginning of the swirl path, brush thickness, etc).


On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 9:06 AM, Alessandro Rubini <rubini@arcana.linux.it> wrote:
> Can it really be "reasonable", in any sense of the word, to
> believe that this company would independently invent an identical
> logo, pixel for pixel, changing only the hue.

No, not reasonable. Unless both copied from the same swirl.  Which seems
reasonable. See
and the associated image.

I think we need someone with a copy of photoshop (hopefully the same
version) to check where the swirl is and how much the debian one


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