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Packaging the MeeGo stack on Debian - Use the name ?

Hi dear MeeGo-dev,
(some CCs added for convenience and openness)

I am Didier 'OdyX' Raboud, a Debian Maintainer and I am part of the "pkg-meego" 
group on Debian. Our (blurry) intent is to allow Debian users to benefit from 
the software that comes out of the MeeGo project.

Following the Smeegol release and the "Trademark compliance, name usage, etc." 
thread (and in particular Ibrahim's answer⁰), I want to clear up the path on 
which we will walk before being too late.

Our work has somehow begun and is more-or-less documented on the Debian wiki¹. 
Some ITP² bugs have already been filed and packaging is in progress on our git 
repositories (which are linked from the wiki page¹). Debian packages of 
libcontentaction, meegotouch-theme and libmeegotouch will very soon hit the 
Debian "NEW" queue, then the archive. So there is a clear need of sorting that 
"issue" right now.

Currently, we use the {M,m}-e-e-{G,g}-o sequence of letters in the following 

 * in our team code (pkg-meego), which is:
   - a unix group name (in fact two, there is also scm_pkg-meego) on the
     alioth.debian.org machine
   - a project name within the Alioth infrastructure:
   - part of our mailing list name:
 * in our team name :
   - on the above project page (Debian MeeGo Team)
   - on the wiki team page (Debian MeeGo stack maintainers)
   - in the "Maintainer:" field of the not-released-yet packages (in the
     debian/control file): (Debian MeeGo packaging Team)
   (There is some uncoherence here, it might need merging.)
 * (of course, but mentioning for exhaustiveness) in the packages names :
   - e.g. meegotouch-theme, libmeegotouch, …

In the future, when this work will (eventually) be led to its "end", we might 
very well consider releasing meta-packages (as kde-standard, lxde-core, gnome-
desktop-environment, etc) that would be named as meego-handset-ux for example. 
Another possibility would be to release live-CDs or installation CDs that would 
either launch or allow installation of meego-based environment (as is currently 
done for KDE-SC, Gnome, XFCE, …). Their naming is of course not sorted out yet, 
but using something along the paths of debian-wheezy-amd64-meego-CD-1.iso would 
match what we currently do with KDE or XFCE+LXDE.

[By the way, there is not (at least not currently) the intent/need/whatever to 
reach a "compliance" level for the MeeGo software on Debian. Debian is (intended 
to be) universal and by such there is no reason (from our point of view) to 
_not_ offer to Debian users the free software stuff that comes out of the MeeGo 

So my questions are :

  * which of the above uses is considered OK (or not) by MeeGo (or whoever is
    entitled to draw a line)?
  * how should we name ourselves?. In fact we _are_ the "Debian team that
    handles the packaging for the Debian distribution of the software that comes
    out of the MeeGo project but that's long, would a "Debian MeeGo maintainers"
    team name be Okay ? Is the pkg-meego team code Okay ?
  * if we are not granted the "right" (whatever that might mean) to use the
    "MeeGo" trademark to refer to the "software that comes out of the MeeGo
    project", what are we supposed to use instead? (Please don't make us use
    things like "the name everyone knows but that I can't write").
  * Other pieces of advice ?

Thanks in advance for constructive answers, cheers, 


[⁰] http://lists.meego.com/pipermail/meego-dev/2010-October/006547.html
[¹] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/PkgMeeGo
[²] Intent to Package
Didier Raboud, proud Debian Maintainer (DM).
CH-1020 Renens

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