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Re: CDDL/GPL and Nexenta (with CDDL libc)

On Thu, 07 Oct 2010, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Don Armstrong:
> > [The system library exception is] intended for cases where you're
> > running a GPLed work on a system which is GPL-incompatible.
> Not in this generality. We aren't allowed to link GPLed software to
> OpenSSL, after all.

Because OpenSSL isn't a library which fits the requirements of the
System Library exception in GPLv2.

1) OpenSSL accompanies the executables.
2) It is not a major component

#2 means that it is also not compatible with GPLv2+ works or GPLv3
works, either.

> > They're referring to the common case where the System Library
> > exception is not invoked.
> And we can't use that, as we've seen with OpenSSL.

You're conflating GPLv2 with v3. They are very different with regards
to the System Library exception, as I explained in my original
message. Please consider rereading it and pointing out precisely where
I have misread the license along with supporting quotations from the
licence itself if you feel that I am misrepresenting the ramifications
of GPLv3'd works in regards to the System Library exception when
linking to a CDDL'ed libc.

Don Armstrong

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