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Re: Use of Debian Logo

Hi Vikram,

On Mon, Oct 04, 2010 at 04:52:28PM +0530, vikramshankarnair@cdacnoida.in wrote:
> I work with the BOSS Team at CDAC Noida, we are working on a Live
> Installer(its licensed as GPLv2) for BOSS GNU/Linux(and its variants). 
> BOSS GNU/Linux is currently based on Debian Lenny, therefore the live
> installer works with Debian Lenny too.  It can be used to install a Debian
> Lenny Live image to Hard Disk.

> Currently all instructions, logos and the animation used are of
> BOSS/EduBOSS.  I have read http://debian.org/logos/ and would like to know
> if I could use the Debian Open Use Logo for the Debian Lenny specific
> version of the installer.  I would then change the instructions so that
> they refer to Debian instead of EduBOSS and also change the animation that
> plays while the LiveCD is being installed.

debian-legal is a mailing list that provides guidance to developers about
whether a given piece of software is distributable under DFSG terms.  It
does not give advice to third parties regarding the legality of particular
uses of software, nor does it have the authority to grant licenses to Debian

If you have questions about whether your intended use of the logo is
permitted under the existing Debian license, please consult your legal
counsel.  If you wish to request a license exception to use the logo in a
way not permitted by the standing license, please direct such requests to
the Debian Project Leader (leader@debian.org).

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