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Re: [Pkg-nagios-devel] License/Copyright of nagios-images


thanks for your replies.

On Saturday 02 October 2010 17:17:57 Francesco Poli wrote:
> > > we have a package in our archive with images for use with nagios,
> > > called nagios-images[1].
> > > While reviewing the package we noticed that the copyright file[2] just
> > > contains copy&paste GPL2 text, but there is no indication that this is
> > > true for the images in the package.
> Next option would obviously be to find DFSG-free GPL'ed replacements
> for those images.
> Or maybe those GPL'ed replacements could be created on purpose.
> Care should be taken so that the authors of the replacements do *not*
> in any way derive their works from the non-free images (ideally they
> should start from scratch without even looking at the non-free images,
> they should just look at the context where the replacements will be
> placed, and receive a textual description of the concepts that should
> be graphically represented by the replacement images).

Maybe I should add, that these images are just used to display a logo of the 
monitored device in the overview and in the maps. They are not needed to run 
nagios/icinga itself.
The images contains generic network symbols, vendor logos (I guess almost of 
them are trademarked), OS logos (trademark/copyright) and even product images 
(copyright problems).

Cheers, Jan.

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