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Re: CDDL/GPL and Nexenta (with CDDL libc)

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Don Armstrong:
> > CDDL'ed libc (and other System Library) and GPLv3+ work: OK
> I think the FSF wants us not to be able to use the System Library
> exception. It is only intended for proprietary operating systems.

It's intended for cases where you're running a GPLed work on a system
which is GPL-incompatible.

> The FSF also unconditionally labels the CDDL als GPL-incompatible
> (although it is not clear if the license overview was thoroughly
> updated for GPL version 3).

They're referring to the common case where the System Library
exception is not invoked.

> There used to be a GNU libc port to the SunOS kernel. Perhaps the
> Nexenta folks can revive that?

My suggestion was to link GPLed binaries to such a libc which
circumvents most of these problems. However, because of design
considerations, the libc<->kernel interface is not as stable in SunOS
as it is in linux, which makes this a long-term labor intensive

Don Armstrong

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