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Re: CDDL/GPL and Nexenta (with CDDL libc)

> Also, what would be the upstream of a possible Debian OpenSolaris
> based port? I read that Oracle is closing down OpenSolaris and moving
> development behind closed doors.

Illumos will be the upstream. Illumos project started out as a branch
of OpenSolaris code, but is now effectively a fork of OpenSolaris
codebase. As an added positive, it is replacing all of the closed bits
(previously distributed as binary blobs) with open code. A major
portion of this is already done.

Site: https://www.illumos.org

Note: It is the current understanding that development will be within
Oracle, but the code itself will be opened after binary releases.. so
we'll mostly see a big drop of code after every solaris release.


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